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AEY Srirath Somsawat เอ้ ศรีรัฏฐ์ สมสวัสดิ์ the Architectural and Cityscape Photographer in Bangkok, Thailand, from the background of an architect and designer, I've been working as an architectural and cityscape photographer since 2011. some of my works won the awards in photography competition and some were published such as: BANGKOK HORIZON


Camera: Nikon D850, D800, D700, SB900, 14-24 2.8G, 19mm 4 PC-E, 20 1.8G, 24 3.5 PC-E, 24-70 2.8E VR, 70-200 2.8E VR, 200-500 5.6E Drone: Phantom 4 Pro Software: Photoshop & LightRoom CC 


AEY Srirath Somsawat e-Mail: somsawat@mac.com My other web sites: www.krungthepmahanakhon.com, portfolio.aey.me and bangkokhorizon.aey.me FaceBook: www.facebook.com/aeydotme


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